Turn around, bright eyes

Now begins the turmoil surrounding the departure relocation be complacent and I should like to share with you a post I wrote but never published last week. 

The weekend 12-14 / 6, it was time for the boat club’s annual eskadertur and obviously we participated. It would also be sailing premiere for us this year.

Somewhat later we went out to the SOA on Friday night to meet up with the happy gang. Where we competed for the prestigious title year water master. None of us was masterful enough for any price, probably because we took this win for granted when we discussed each boat trophy would be placed … After some grilled sausages, a few beers and five obese mosquito bites in the pan, we invited our båtgrannar down to us.

We have now tested the boat party capacity roar spirit Bonnie Tyler Turn around. Summary: The speakers play godomligt good and ship devour 9 pers deals. Bilge should also be praised for his cool beer as well.

2015-06-12 21.45.51
Enjoying hotdogs, beer and Skoghalls Manhattan at sunset

Much would be inaugurated this weekend, especially the pads. We slept like babies, very good. When we woke up, all the boats left on the bridge, nice we thought and made Prepare a resounding breakfast. We barely had time to stop the spoon in the porridge before all the boats suddenly slipped out from the dock. The start against Liljedal had gone, and we were finally back in.

Well, mañana mañana. We came away eventually, finally premiere for our retailed sail. We got up the rags and despite the weak wind sail up and beyond a certain Oceanis 343 full speed. The victory did we enjoy in far too short a while, the wind died down and we were passers again. With a little help from the iron genoa Hjalmar we came anyway until, once last.

Full speed ahead, here we come!
Getting close…
The captain is pleased
Uppgivna med nedtagen segel.
The fun has ended.

The weekend’s biggest (only?) Profit we took home the tug of war! The evening also grilling and pirate stories. Both the atmosphere and the beer was extremely good despite heavy rain.


The wind was bad even on Sunday. When all steered their ship toward home port again we went on. We had planned another sailing training. It was not as successful as we hoped. When we are closer to us Hammaro southern tip had some bastard again closed by the wind. The rain and the sun fought for attention while the waves rolled on their own – without wind. We got to atleast see a nice rainbow and instead of Kristinehamn we came to putting the islets. It’s a nice place. We went for a walk around the island, picked belts, dreamed us away to the horizon and grilled bun of bread on a stick. Before we went to bed we watched the weather report with dreamy eyes. ”Can not we get some wind tomorrow anyway?”.

2015-06-14 18.35.52
The only boat at Sättersholmarna
2015-06-14 19.31.03
Vänern is infinitly big
2015-06-14 19.30.50
Saves the day

Monday morning. Rise and shine, now let’s sail! Looks hyffsat out. We added a route around Jäverön and saw white geese outside the straits. Yesssss! We were a little cheated by the wind that danced around us like rats around the dining table when the cat’s away. We were overtaken by both water bus and a 6-meter sailboat few times.

Since we did not get enough of these days at sea we added in the inner harbor and to stay in the boat a few days. And you know what? SOFIA, our third member of the crew came home on Tuesday night! To celebrate her first meeting with the boat we took a ärovarv in the harbor and tomorrow we go out on the 5 day tour around the eighth world ocean, Vänern.

See you on the lake!

We can take it to the end of the line /Emmie Tyler
2015-06-15 21.47.00
Karlstad gästhamn
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